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Valid Coupons and Deals

  • 40% Off one item, use coupon codes:  JAS22 or FGR365 or TSHZ215
    Valid through September 14, 2013
  • 15% Off Total Purchase coupon: TEACHER2013 (Ends on September 30, 2013)
  • Free Standard Shipping on $50+ orders, use code at checkout: WYCA257 (Ends on September 14, 2013)

Sale and clearance at JOANN

Expired Jo-Ann codes & offers

With our site, you can score goodies like 40% off your favorite fabric or any other tool you’ve needed. Some coupons are online and will take 15% or more off your order, in case you don’t want to have the hassle of going to the store. Other coupons can give you free shipping, which can save you a bundle if your getting a lot of craft supplies. Some will be holiday specific, such as Halloween or Christmas, making it the perfect time to stock up on supplies because our website lists all current sales. In addition, we list brand specific merchandise coupons to give you that extra little bump on your next trip to Joann’s.

How to use coupons?

To get the savings one has to know where they apply. There’s nothing worse than having an armful of craft goods and applying your coupon at the wrong time. Generally, 40% off or item specific coupons are taken off at the register, so you can hand the cashier the coupon you printed out from us. Also, most of these types can be used online and only need be applied when you checkout on Joann Fabric’s website. Online coupons and free shipping codes are applied in the same manner, when one finishes their purchase online. You would enter the code in the box and then apply it. Holiday specific coupons typically have a set date on them. They can be applied in store or online; however, one should read the finer details, which are usually under the percent off headline on the coupon.

The best places to get coupons online

In general, the best bet to find the most current codes is to look it up with,, or on the Joann Fabric’s website. You merely need to type coupons in the search bar on these sites and it will pull up the current coupons for that sales period. You can even target the type of coupon you are looking for by including it in your search. For example, if one wanted to look for a 40% off coupon for Joann Fabrics, you would only need to type that phrase into the bar. Simply select, click, print, or enter the code and prepare to save.

Goodness knows, sifting through a mountain of dross for the gem at the bottom can be a tedious job. When going with us, it’s much simpler than doing a broad search through Google, which will turn up many out of date coupons, broken links, or codes that just don’t work. Even still, clicking on the wrong random link can lead to some nasty spyware and that’s just the cyber world. Others look to eBay for coupons; however, there is no telling whether or not the coupons one is bidding on are real or actually usable by the time one receives them. It’s a sight unseen purchase that can cost you more than you would have saved by printing them out at home. Some stores will ban you if you use a counterfeit coupon; therefore, it’s best not to head down that road if one can avoid it.

With us it’s simple. Ditch the rest and save with the best Joann Fabrics Coupons on the net.

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